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Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Recordings of Small Rodents using a Novel Marker Array
Mi Joo Kim, Jiyeon Lee, Eui Jae Hong, Eun Ji Lee, Yu Jin Min, Dong Ju Lee, Nam Beom Kim, Gyu Cheol Han
Res Vestib Sci. 2016;15(1):11-16.
Quantification of Vestibulospinal Reflex Under the Stress Condition on Both Soleus Muscles
Mi Joo Kim, Seo Jin Jang, Eun Ji Lee, Ah Ram Yu, Jong Hyun Hwang, Gyu Cheol Han, Ju Kang Lee
Res Vestib Sci. 2012;11(1):14-22.
Diagnostic Dehydration Testings for Endolymphatic Hydrops
Mi Joo Kim, Gyu Cheol Han
Res Vestib Sci. 2011;10(2):47-51.
C-fos Expression of Vestibular Nucleus in C57BL/6 Mouse Under the 7 Tesla Ultra High Magnetic Field
Mi Joo Kim, Min Joo Jung, Ji Hye Bae, Eun Ji Lee, Duk Hyun Kim, Gyu Cheol Han
Res Vestib Sci. 2011;10(1):26-29.
Measuring the Behavioral Parameters of Mouse Following Unilateral Labyrinthectomy in Round Free Field Using an Infrared Lamp and a Simple Webcam Camera
Mi Joo Kim, Hyun Jung Hwang, Seung Won Chung, Gyu Cheol Han
Res Vestib Sci. 2011;10(1):12-18.
A Case of Multiple Perilymph Fistula Induced by Tympanostomy Tube Insertion
Seung Won Chung, Mi Joo Kim, Gyu Cheol Han
Res Vestib Sci. 2010;9(1):32-37.
The Comparison of the Magnetic Resonance Images in the Patient With Definite Meniere’s Disease Before and After Endolymphatic Sac Decompression
Mi Joo Kim, Gyu Cheol Han, Seung Won Chung
Res Vestib Sci. 2009;8(2):152-155.
Multicanal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: Concurrent Bilateral Posterior Canalolithiasis and Unilateral Lateral Cupulolithiasis
Seung Won Chung, Chang Hyun Cho, Gyu Cheol Han
Res Vestib Sci. 2009;8(2):142-146.
Multicenter study on the treatment pattern of Ménière’s disease in Korea
Sung Kwang Hong, Eui Kyung Koh, Kyu Sung Kim, Kyoung Ho Park, Hong Ju Park, Seong Ki Ahn, Joong Ho Ahn, Won Sang Lee, Gi Jung Im, Jae Yun Jung, Won Ho Chung, Gyu Cheol Han, Sung Won Chae, Ja Won Koo
J Korean Bal Soc. 2008;7(2):174-181.
Efficacy of Rotating Chair Test And Caloric Test For The Diagnosis of Acute Unilateral Vestibular Neuritis
Heung Eog Cha, Chae Young Lim, Gyu Cheol Han, Chang Hyun Cho, Byung Ki Yoon, Min Kwan Baek, Ju Hyoung Lee
J Korean Bal Soc. 2008;7(1):43-47.
The Analysis of Post Traumatic Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
Chang Hyun Cho, Dong Kyu Kim, Gyu Cheol Han, Eun Jeong Lee, Joo Hyun Woo, Ju Hyoung Lee
J Korean Bal Soc. 2005;4(1):17-25.
Possible Mechanism of Seesaw Nystagmus in Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia
Ji Soo Kim, Kwang Dong Choi, Ja Won Koo, Kyungmi Oh, Jae Hong Chang, Kun Woo Park, Dae Hie Lee, Gyu Cheol Han
J Korean Bal Soc. 2004;3(2):413-416.
The Design of Subjective Visual Vertical and Horizontal Measurement Method in Normal Peoples
Gyu Cheol Han, Jong Su Ha, Sun Young Kim, Joo Hyoung Lee, Chang Hyun Cho, Dong Young Kim, Seon Tae Kim
J Korean Bal Soc. 2004;3(2):395-403.
The Optimization of Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation according to Evoked Nystagmus
Gyu Cheol Han, Dong Kyu Kim, Ju Hyoung Lee, Chang Hyoun Cho, Dong Young Kim, Heung Eok Cha
J Korean Bal Soc. 2004;3(2):386-394.
Chicken Embryo as a Model of Inner Ear Study
Gyu Cheol Han, Youn Kyu Lee, Jin Ho Yoon, Kyung Kun Min, Ju Hyoung Lee
J Korean Bal Soc. 2004;3(2):379-385.
Vestibuloneuritis Developed Concurrently in Ipsilateral Site with Herpes-Zoster Oticus Syndrome
Gyu Cheol Han, Ju Hyoung Lee, Joo Hyun Woo, Jung Kook Yoo, Sun Hwa Lim
J Korean Bal Soc. 2004;3(1):187-191.
One Case of Downbeat Nystagmus with Compression of Vestibulocochlear Nerve by Vertebral Arteries
Gyu Cheol Han, Ju Hyoung Lee, Jong Su Ha, Hee Young Hwang, Cheol Wan Park
J Korean Bal Soc. 2004;3(1):184-186.
Clinical Analysis of Down Beat Nystagmus in Atypical Positional/ing Vertigo
Gyu Cheol Han, Ju Hyoung Lee, Eun Jung Lee, Jae Jun Song
J Korean Bal Soc. 2004;3(1):150-155.
Retrospective Study of Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Vestibular Function Testing in Patients Suggestive of Central Vestibular Disorders
Gyu Cheol Han, Ju Hyoung Lee, Dong Kyu Kim, Hee Young Hwang, Jin Myoung Heo
J Korean Bal Soc. 2004;3(1):141-149.
Clinical Analysis of the Dizzy Patients in a Department of Emergency Medicine
Gyu Cheol Han, Eun Jung Lee, Jong Su Ha, Dong Kyu Kim
J Korean Bal Soc. 2003;2(2):206-210.
Evaluation of Vestibular Function in Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
Gyu Cheol Han, Jung Kook Yoo, Kyu Sung Kim
J Korean Bal Soc. 2003;2(2):202-205.
Analysis of Vertigo in Labyrinthine Fistula Secondary to Cholesteatoma
Gyu Cheol Han, Joo Hyun Woo
J Korean Bal Soc. 2003;2(2):198-201.
Hearing Recovery in Patients of Sudden Hearing Loss with Vertigo ; Incheon
Eun Jung Lee, Gyu Cheol Han, Kyu Sung Kim
J Korean Bal Soc. 2003;2(1):103-106.
The Significance of Head-Shaking Nystagmus in the Vestibular Evaluation of the Chronic Dizzy Patient
Si Ho Yang, Gyu Cheol Han
J Korean Bal Soc. 2002;1(2):253-258.
A New Treatment Strategy of Ageotrophic Horizontal Canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
Gyu Cheol Han, Hyung Gyu Jeon, Jin Myung Huh
J Korean Bal Soc. 2002;1(1):113-117.
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Ocular Flutter in Parainfectious Meningoencephalitis: A Case Report. Res Vestib Sci. 2021;20:113
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