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Diagnostic Criteria for M?nier?’s Disease
Jose A Lopez-Escamez, John Careyb, Won Ho Chung, Joel A Goebeld, Mans Magnusson, Marco Mandala, David E Newman-Tokerg, Michael Strupp, Mamoru Suzuki, Franco Trabalzini, Alexandre Bisdorff
Res Vestib Sci. 2015;14(3):67-74.
Two Cases of Barotraumatic Perilymph Fistula Mimicking Atypical Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo with Sudden Hearing Loss
Jung Joo Lee, Gwanghui Ryu, Il Joon Moon, Won Ho Chung
Res Vestib Sci. 2015;14(1):26-31.
Residual Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Result in Better Functional Outcomes in Bilateral Vestibulopathy
Ji Eun Choi, Gwanghui Ryu, Young Sang Cho, Won Ho Chung
Res Vestib Sci. 2014;13(4):89-95.
Multicenter Study on the Clinician’s Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo in Korea
Eun Ju Jeon, Won Ho Chung, Jeong Hwan Choi, Eui Cheol Nam, Hong Ju Park, Jong Dae Lee, Won Sang Lee, Kyu Sung Kim, Eui Kyung Goh, Ja Won Koo, Min Bum Kim, Min Beom Kim, Se Hyung Kim, Young Jin Kim, Chang Hee Kim, Sung Il Nam, Seog Kyun Mun, Ga Young Park, Sang Yoo Park, Shi Nae Park, Chang Hoon Bae, Sung Hyun Boo, Myung Whan Suh, Jae Hyun Seo, Eun Jin Son, Jae Jun Song, Jae Jin Song, Joong Wook Shin, Dae Bo Shim, Seong Ki Ahn, Hye Youn Youm, Shin Young Yoo, Dong Hee Lee, Seung Hwan Lee, Chang Ho Lee, Hyun Seok Lee, Hwan Ho Lee, Hyo Jeong Lee, Yun Hoon Choung, Seung Hyo Choi, Jee Sun Choi, Seok Min Hong, Sung Kwang Hong
Res Vestib Sci. 2013;12(3):79-92.
Spontaneous Recovery of Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Gain after Bilateral Complete Vestibular Loss Following Head Injury
Ga Young Park, Eun Wook Chung, Jong Sei Kim, Won Ho Chung
Res Vestib Sci. 2012;11(4):146-153.
New Proposal of Functional Status of Vestibular System Based on Vestibular Function Tests Findings in Dizzy Patients with Normal Caloric Response
Hye Youn Youm, Yang Sun Cho, Sung Hwa Hong, Won Ho Chung
Res Vestib Sci. 2011;10(4):121-128.
Value of Vestibular Function Tests for Diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease
Jeesun Choi, Won Ho Chung
Res Vestib Sci. 2011;10(3):83-87.
A Case of Neurovascular Cross-compression of the Eighth Cranial Nerve Representing Longstanding Uncompensated Vestibular Hypofunction
Jae Kwon Lee, Ho Suk Chu, Moon Hee Ko, Won Ho Chung
Res Vestib Sci. 2009;8(2):137-141.
Clinical Features and Treatment Pattern of Migrainous Vertigo in Korea: A Nationwide Prospective Multicenter Study
Seong Ki Ahn, Kyusik Kang, Ja Won Koo, Kyu Sung Kim, Beom Gyu Kim, Byung Kun Kim, Ji Soo Kim, Kyoung Ho Park, Shi Nae Park, Eun Ho Park, Hong Ju Park, Jae Yong Byun, Myung Whan Suh, Ki Bum Sung, Sun Young Oh, Chung Ku Rhee, Tae Kyeong Lee, Seong Hae Jeong, Won Ho Chung, Chang Il Cha, Sung Won Chae, Eui Kyung Goh
Res Vestib Sci. 2009;8(2):122-131.
Multicenter study on the treatment pattern of Ménière’s disease in Korea
Sung Kwang Hong, Eui Kyung Koh, Kyu Sung Kim, Kyoung Ho Park, Hong Ju Park, Seong Ki Ahn, Joong Ho Ahn, Won Sang Lee, Gi Jung Im, Jae Yun Jung, Won Ho Chung, Gyu Cheol Han, Sung Won Chae, Ja Won Koo
J Korean Bal Soc. 2008;7(2):174-181.
A Case of Herpes Zoster Oticus Involving Vestibular Nerve without Facial Nerve Palsy
Sung Hyun Boo, Kwon Hyo Bok, Nam Gyu Ryu, Won Ho Chung
J Korean Bal Soc. 2006;5(2):311-316.
Clinical Characteristics of Dizziness in Children
Joon Ho Kim, Kwon Hyo Bok, Won Ho Chung
J Korean Bal Soc. 2006;5(2):242-247.
Factors Affecting Treatment of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
Yoon Kyoung So, Won Ho Chung, Sung Hyun Boo, Young Jun Chung, Hyun Seok Lee, Woo Young Lee, Ki Nam Park
J Korean Bal Soc. 2005;4(2):230-237.
Effects of Medical Treatment on Meniere's disease
Won Ho Chung, Hyeok Jun Lee, Byung soo Hong, Hyun Jong Lee, Sung Hwa Hong, Yang Sun Cho
J Korean Bal Soc. 2003;2(1):113-120.
The clinical characteristics of dizzy patients with normal vestibular function tests
Won Ho Chung, Eun Guk Bang, Sung Hwa Hong, Chi Kyou Lee, Hyun Seok Lee
J Korean Bal Soc. 2002;1(2):259-265.
Outcome of canalith repositioning maneuver in Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
Young Jun Chung, Jong Yoon Choi, Won Ho Chung, Sung Hwa Hong
J Korean Bal Soc. 2002;1(1):118-123.
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